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Faber Recent Quote Re: "going To War"

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I recall the much quoted Mark Faber when asked about longer term prognostications for the US/Global economy, in relatively recent interviews, stated, in a hand waving sort of way, that eventually they (the US) would, as a means to 'divert' attention from wider economic woes, "go to war".

This sort of alarmist talk is often too readily dismissed as that of cranks. Certainly, at any one time, there are always various supposedly simmering hotspots BUT it is usually very difficult to see how all out 'proper' war can be started and maintained.

However, the news overnight re: N.Korea does remind one that one day just maybe, after countless false alarms, we could all wake up one morning to find the sky is actually falling? and that maybe, just maybe, it might be easier than we non-TFH types ususally think it would be for the US to do what Faber alludes to.

And as for profiting from falling stockmarkets, house prices, etc.....perhaps its a case a be careful what you wish for? Does any believe that the financial system as we know it would be functioning as it is now?

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