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How To Beat Your Wife....

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a very interesting discussion.

Some women are like gongs - they need to be struck regularly
the vast majority of domestic [assaults] are initiated by the woman

I've never understood why so many men have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the feminazi myth machine into believing that rape is such a serious crime ... Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal.

"To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.

Nick Eriksen, BNP's ex London organiser.

I doubt he speaks for all members of the BNP, equally I don't think that ****** on that link speaks for all muslims.

That said, they do on the whole have a fair bit to do in order to bring themselves into the 20th century imo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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  • 399 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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