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A Sign Of The Times - Bombarded With Debt Loan Ads

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I've just seen 3 debt consolidation ads in one sitting.

Picture It Loans (idiot with a football and wife filming him getting a loan)



All plugging the same thing - doesn't matter if you have a bad credit history, we'll save you half your monthly payments, borrow upto £75K(!) blah blah blah.

I think these adverts really are a sign of the times, ie FCUKED

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what about a loan from NORTON FINANCE or one from PURPLE LOANS.

these guys know what they are doing.

"we had a few problems, but purple loans helped us pankake our loft"

"step forward if you have no credit rating....or legs"

"if you want to consolidate your time, apply this next year"

"i want to buy my partners share of our home, but i murdered her last week"

"i would like to buy by council house, then deck the walls with bloodstained cloths"

"i would like to buy a piccasso - then destroy it. is this possible ?"

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Guest growl

What about the one with the couple in their new car pulling up to their alter egos.

' hi Trev, oh Hi Trev, oh Hi Bev, oh Bev new car?. Yes Bev got it last week, we used to have one of those.'

Future advert.

'Hi Bev, oh Hi Bev, oh Hi Trev, oh Hi...new cardboard box? Yes Trev got it last month. Oh we used to have one of those, it had a nice garden too...'


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