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How's Everyone's Hayfever Been The Last Few Days?

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I bet people are really suffering. I've seen clouds of pollen coming off the trees and it has formed a layer on cars, patio chairs etc. I'm very glad that I've got a really good prescription antihistamine or I reckon I'd be dieing at the moment. For anyone who is suffering I take Fexofenadine. It's a one a day antihistamine which works differently to your standard antihistamines. It's completely non-drowsy and I've not had any side effects with it at all. I take it all year round for my dust allergy and as long as I remember to take it every day I get no symptoms at all (if I don't take it then I sneeze all the time and have an asthma attack if I get near a lot of dust).

I had my usual daily sneeze this morning. The wife usually suffers hayfever but not yet far, it's not for want of trying, had another picnic today, we're having as many picnics as we can before the picnic tax is introduced.

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pollen? thats government chemtrails....

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