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Right Click - Run As Administrator In Windows 7 X64

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Like it says in the title. When I right click on a program icon in the start menu (while logged on as a restricted user, obviously), the 'run as administrator' option simply isn't there. My machine has four OS partitions (XP x64, Vista x86, 7 x64 and Ubuntu x64), and on all the other Windows installations that option is present and correct. I've tried Googling and found several suggested solutions for when the option does appear but selecting it doesn't work (i.e. you select R as A, enter the administrator password and then nothing happens), but nothing for suggesting a response to that option simply not being there on the menu.

It's a minor annoyance - I only need to run one program regularly on the 7 installation that needs elevated privileges - but nevertheless I'd be intrigued if anyone has any suggestions. I'm guessing the solution lies in some sort of registry tweak. Ta in advance!

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net user administrator /active:yes

I've got win 7 64 bit and it's on mine. There's a wee shield with it. Something in ctrl panel security ctr? Dunno.

Workaround if it's just one program would be to use the runas command in a batch file?

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You could try Properties->Shortcut->Advanced->Run as Administrator. I believe this forces the shortcut to always run with Admin privileges. If that's not what you want, apparently pressing Ctrl-Shift while executing the shortcut elevates its privileges.

Oddly enough, all my shortcuts seem to have the "Run As..." context menu.

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