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David (MF):

And your long-term outlook for property?

Miles (RM:

Because of the lack of new build property, and the growing number of households, we will actually face a shortage of supply of property in some of the right areas in this country over the next few years. So the new build industry's failing miserably, unfortunately, because of the downturn, to keep pace with the projected demand of new households, and therefore I do think there will be another price hike, but it's several years away, but the demand, if it outstrips supply, it normally ends up in high prices.


That's very bullish.


Bullish in the longer term, shorter term I think we're going to have to go through more pain before we actually get to that longer term demand outstripping supply.


I must say, I'm not really keen on pain, but you know. Thank you very much for coming in today, Miles.


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