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New House Price Confidence Survey

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5-10% falls in next 12 months

Done three times (I have three daughters).

I can't help thinking the survey is really trying to gauge sentiment to try and start manipulating people's thoughts in the next round of VI media articles. ie, if everyone puts that they expect to live in a rural area when they 65+ in their own home and that interest rates are going to rise soon, they will come out with the usual sort of vague press releases stuff saying something along the lines, 'there will be a shortage of rural properties projected in the next 10-20 years', 'it will be impossible for 65+ people to own homes if they do not buy now' and that interest rates projected to fall to 1% in the next year and fuel another property boom'.

Or maybe I am just too cynical about property market VI's.


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Anyone still interested in giving the house price confidence survey another hammering? The results are due out at the end of the week. Yes, I know they misrepresented the results from the last one, but chosing to compare findings from the survey one year previously rather than the preeceeding month. Heaven forbid they use last months dire results to present an upturn in confidence this month. Effectively that would mean HPC members shooting themselves in the foot, although would make an interesting news story on the manipulation of housing confidence figures.

If so reply to thread when you have completed it to keep it current. I've already done it today.

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