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Will We Improve From 21St .......

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According to the Economist, we were the 21st most democratic nation on earth in 2008.

I wonder where we will rank in 2015.

The top 25 in 2008 were :

1. Sweden

2. Norway

3. Iceland

4. Netherlands

5. Denmark

6. Finland

7. New Zealand

8. Switzerland

9. Luxembourg









18.United States

19.Czech Republic


21.United Kingdom







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> Will We Improve From 21St .

I dont know, let's vote on it.


interesting to see Japan above us

I think (hope) we will have progressed during that time with this new govt, political and legal reform etc

however, at the same time, I hope everyon eelse has also, so maybe we will still be 21st...

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I'm not so fond of democracy. A lot of the things we complain about on this site like NIMBYism, high house prices, smoking bans, chasing industry and coal plants out of town.. are widely popular with the voting public.

More democracy would give the ignorant and shortsighted majority even more power.

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I know how you feel.I can't help but think this country would be a much better place if Liz ruled by divine right.

As for democracy,well,UKIP polled nearly a million votes and have err.........errrrr.......NO MP's.4th biggest party in the country.BNP 560,000 votes and errrrrrrrrrr.......NO MP's. Greens 285,000 votes and oh,looky here,they've got 1 MP.

It's a democracry for Tory and Labour and that's about it.(LD's have been given a passing interest)

As for free speech,well you've got it if you share the BBC/Pravda line.

Monarchy works pretty well. Stability for investment and development. And the monarch intends to pass the nation down to her children. Like a small businessman hopes to one day pass his business to his son. it motivates him to invest in and develop the business, and to always uphold the firms reputation.

I look around the whole world and I don't see one dictator letting bankers and speculators destabilize his nation or hold him hostage for bailouts. Just doesn't happen.

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19.Czech Republic


21.United Kingdom




Appropriately the EU isn't even on the list although it currently makes a lot of rules for people in countries within the european land mass. It doesn't even get on the list. How democratic is that.

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