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Meps Award Themselves €1,500 More In Staff Expenses

The Eagle

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EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - As European citizens come to terms with the array of austerity measures being doled out across the union at the insistence of EU and international lenders, MEPs have agreed to increase the money they use for expenses.

Voting in Strasbourg on Wednesday (19 May), the euro deputies argued the extra money was needed to help them cope with the additional work created under the Lisbon Treaty, the EU's new rulebook which came into force on 1 December 2009.

In approving the report by Slovakian Social Democrat MEP Vladimir Manka to top up the parliament's 2010 budget with an additional €9.4 million, the plenary said it was determined to meet its additional co-decision responsibilities and greater legislative workload.

The money can only be used to increase staff salaries, or take on new employees. Staff budgets for each MEP are currently €17,540 per month, prior to any increase.

Some deputies conceded that members of the public may query the move. "This is a difficult time to ask people outside the parliament to accept us voting for an increase, but there are extra duties associated with the Lisbon Treaty," said Irish centre-right MEP Mairéad McGuinness.


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Theyre very good at lecturing member states at the size of their deficits, less good at reducing their own spending.

With the rebate being phased out we'll pay billions more over the coming years.

Unless Cleggamoron can convince them were the 'sick man' again :lol:

Gerald Warner: UKIP denied Dave's majority

Thursday, 20th May 2010

UKIP has the power to destroy the Conservative Party and will only grow stronger at future elections, according to hugely respected political journalist Gerald Warner.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Warner explains how UKIP votes clearly denied David Cameron his Commons majority and how the Party continues to hold the balance of power.

“Detailed examination of the election results reveals that UKIP deprived the Vichy Tories of victory in 21 seats,” Warner explains. “In the 21 seats in question, the UKIP vote was so much larger than the majority that there can be no doubt it was alienated Conservatives who cost Dave his victory.”

Warner continues: “The much-despised UKIP holds the veto over any future Conservative government. You may be sure the number-crunchers in CCHQ are very aware of this; so, too, are Conservative backbenchers with wafer-thin majorities, ripe for the UKIP sickle at the next electoral harvest.”

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