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What Would You Do Then?

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There are a lot of threads on this site highlighting the numerous problems with society, the economy and politics.

My question to you is what 3 things would you change to make this country better?

My 3:

1. Nationalise money creation and introduce limited pupose private banking - Announce a 2 year period after which the only government guranteed deposits are those held with the national bank, other banks can exist they will just not have the government guarantee. The only bank allowed to engage in fractional reserve banking is the national bank, the others may only invest the deposits they hold. The nationalised bank will engage in limited purpose banking, only making loans for homes and business ventures and offering low risk rates of interest. The private banks are completely unregulated and can engage in whatever activities they like - however - this is entirely at the risk of investors.

2. Tax system to encourage mutualism and collectivism in business - Any firm wholely owned by it's workforce with a John Lewis partnership type approach to pay lower taxes. This recongnises that the more equal distribution of profits throughout society benefits everybody and reduces the burden on the tax payer of combating poverty.

3. Reducing capital requirements for construction of housing and relaxing planning laws - The only people capable of developing housing under the current conditions are large multi-national corporations. Instead local authorities should relax the plans for building developments down to an individual plot basis. New developments need not be rows of faux-period houses with tiny gardens. Instead the infrastucure should be put in and then people should be free to build whatever they like on their plot. This would benefit architects, builders and result in *shock* new styles of buildings reflecting individuals tastes and needs.

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