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Hips To Be Scrapped Today Telegraph

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I worked for one of the biggest IT outsourcers in the UK - I recall a senior manager took voluntary redundancy to train as a HIP inspector because of the massive demand for them at the time (2007ish). Oops. Gotta feel sorry for some of these peopl really - the Government sold them up the river.

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Very interesting indeed. Anecdotally, I know somebody who is quite keen to sell up (and rent) but did not want to fork out the money for a HIP.

This could kick things off nicely. Ultimately I think the tories will go for the free-market approach rather than New Labour's 'prop it up at all costs' approach.

Rock on!

P.S. An unrelated anecdote: Paid some money in at a well-known building society today at the height of the lunchtime 'rush hour' and was amazed when I got served straight away - no queues and barely a customer in sight! It was quite surreal compared to the hustle and bustle of the high street immediately outside!!! I guess savers are few and far between these days...

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