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The Westerklief Silverhoard

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The Westerklief Silverhoard was the first evidence that Vikingen appreciated this as well, and more than that, decided to permanently settle on Wieringen. The silver hoard, containing Carolingian and Arab coins, bracelets and silver ingots, was probably buried in a turned cookingpot by a Danish viking in the ninth century.

Amateur archeologists found the hoard with help of metal detectors. aldetector.

In total silver objects and coins with a combined weight of 1.7 kgs were found, most of this still in the pot they were originally buried in. For a detailed description of the hoard, see this separate page.

The value of the silver hoard was large, even in those days. The silver would buy you a large farm, with lifestock and serfs. It is hard to make any concrete statements regarding the origin of the treasure. We know quite precisely what the different objects are, but why they were put together in a pot and buried will probably remain a riddle.



For about £2000 you can buy a farm and some serfs. How much would it cost today? £1-2M?

Worth having some Kilo bars lying around, if ever such a situation would arise. Unlikely but upside could be immense!

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When more and more people become aware of the fact that the value in fiat paper currencies is just an illusion(or the system just spews it out), the increased puchasing power of Gold and Silver is going to surprise many!

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