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How To Survive When Housing Costs So Much?

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Unemployment benefit exists as a temporary help, whilst the workers is honestly unable to find a job - any job. It does not exist as an option for those that can work but decide not to. These people are cheating the system, and stealing from tax-payers. They are thieves.

Scrounging is as "rational" as burgling.

All (real) tax-payers hate them, as they are stealing our money. This money should go to better causes, or stay in our own pockets. And this is obvious, to all real tax-payers.


I think you're too immersed in the system to acknowledge my points; You've ignored my point regarding what actually consitutes wealth creation, and who is scrounging off who. I've not got the patience to walk you through it, so on this occasion, I'm out.

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I began renting in in the north east 1982. The price of rents and also the price of houses was far more affordable in relation to average incomes then. We then had the boom of the 80's. However, even then the rent's weren't so extortionate. The prices whilst high didn't get as bad as they are now. And then we got the bust at the end of the eighties/early nineties.

This time around the cards are stacked even higher.

Agree 100%. "Prices" today are FAR, FAR higher than EVER before. Ludicrous.

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