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Mish On Cameron, Osborne, Uh Oh...

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You have implied the reason why deflation is so good for savers and so bad for governments. Governments will do everything that they can do to prevent savers from benefitting from deflation.

Which begs the question, if price inflation is a tax, is deflation a tax rebate?

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I found Mish view on this issue completely logical.

Mish did not mention that GBP is a sell too. And this means GBP will sink faster than USD, hurting US competitiveness.

Yes, it is logical for today, and tomorrow. But longer term, the goal is the transition from the FIRE economy to an economy that creates real, not paper, wealth. That's where I think Mish misses the point.

And I don't think that the Coalition is too bothered about the GBP declining against the USD.

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