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The Incredible Bread Machine

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a comment from the youtube link is worth posting

so how many are ready not to be boiled or do you think the Millibands will save you

Society did not want to put the Jews in concentrations camps -- society was oblivious to what Hitler was doing because they blindly followed him and he took their way fo fighting the government away from them, so when they did finally realize what was going on, they could not´╗┐ fight it. And that is why you should be so loyal to the government because they will slowly take away you rights-like cooking a frog-you place it in cold water and heat it up-the frog is clueless to the fact he is cooking.
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Capitalism and human liberty to create and innovate is the incredible bread machine.

Far from being non-productive America is bizarrely productive today. Look at the production of food. Huge, fully mechanized farms with hyper efficient John Deere equipment. Scientific farming methods including now engineering the plants themselves. Huge cultivation, leading to centralized distribution centers, efficient transport, to huge grocery stores.

And as far as they have come, there is big advances still happening. The yield is rising so fast that farmland is being taken out of cultivation each year, even with a rising population. America has less farmland in cultivation today than in 1900 even though the population is 4 times higher. Millions of acres have been returned to nature.

Soil erosion has been reduced 90% since 1900. Farmers do not want to lose that valuable soil, that is a lot of their capital!

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