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Lavere Redfield

The Man Who "Loved Silver Dollars"


"The Secret stash of Silver dollars"

Morgan silver dollar coin lot PEACE DOLLAR coin lot

An interesting fellow

Who was Lavere Redfield? Some say he was an eccentric investor. Others say he was a shrewd stock and real estate investor. Still others said he was an average guy who had a distrust of big government and bought a lot of silver dollars, an awful lot of silver dollars! Perhaps all of them are right.

Lavere Redfield was born at the turn of the century. He died in 1974 leaving behind an estate worth over 100 million dollars and one of the largest silver dollar hoards ever discovered, now called the “Redfield Hoard”.


His stash of over 400,000 silver dollars would weigh 22 thousand pounds!



Well if silver coins were good enough for a multi-millionaire, it's got to be good enough for us mere mortals.

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$7,300,000 / 400,000

Morgan dollar = silver content of 0.77344 troy ounces

Peace dollar = also contains 0.77344 troy ounces of silver

400,000 * 0.77344 = 309,376 troy ounces in Redfield hoard.

Coins auctioned in 1976

$7,300,000 / 309,376 = $23.60 per troy ounce

Silver is cheaper today than in 1976!

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More on this tinfoil hatter


The basic facts about LaVere Redfield are that he was born in Utah in 1897. While clerking in a department store in Idaho he met and married his wife Nell and the couple moved to Los Angeles where he made it big as a securities broker


while he may have elements of that sitting in a house with a basement full of silver dollars and various canned goods apparently anticipating the worst,

He knew how the city worked, and distrusted it.

HPCers you have a new god.

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