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Uk Mortgage Borrowing Is Recovering, Lenders Say

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Half way down the article:

First-time buyers

Lending to all house buyers in the first quarter of the year was still 35% less than in the last three months of last year.

It has 'recovered' from Feb but still way below even last year.

And anyway, the article is about mortgage lending, not house prices. The 2 don't have the connection that they should it seems.

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A 25% m-o-m increase is significant whether you welcome it or not. Of course it's down on historic levels but to dismiss the reporting of this story as ramping is absurd. A 25% change in anything over the course of a month is probably a newsworthy event. If it fell by 25% what do you think would be the response here?

"The number of loans made to home buyers rose by 25% between February and March, to 45,000.

And borrowing by first-time buyers rebounded faster than that by existing home owners, the CML said."

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'when will the bbc run a house price story which is not biased ramping?'

probably when they're finacial future isn't tied to the biggest Ponzi in history.

The BBC don't do advertising per se,rather they aim to screw Joe Public for £135 per annum,and the only way to keep him quiet whilst robbing him, is to drug him with hours of inane weightwatchers type propoganda that makes him feel lucky(Eastenders) or wealthy(homes under the hammer) or jsut nullifies his brain(various gardening/home makeover shows)

Once people feel poorer or wake up,they are going to question why on earth the BBC costs so much and whether it's worth a tenner a year.Or indeed,why they should subsisidise the vastly inflated BBC salaries of their management and 'stars',when ITV do the same job for a lot less cash.

145.50 now. The BBC gets 7.7% increase in an age of austerity. If the ConDems want to be a little bit popular they should say the license fee is 100 quid and the BBC can cut all salaries by 30 to 40%.

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