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Government’S ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Goldman Sachs Role

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The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats stood accused of hypocrisy today, after awarding Goldman Sachs a lucrative mandate to handle a multi-billion pound sale of gilts, despite saying only three weeks ago that the bank should be barred from government work.


Last month, Cable said: “The Government should not be paying for the services of a bank that is being investigated on both sides of the Atlantic. The allegations made against Goldman Sachs are very serious.


Seems like it's impossible to get rid of the squid... :angry:

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Guest sillybear2

They're one of the (few) main government bond dealers, same in the US, they haven't been found guilty of anything yet so they can't exclude them from the auctions.

Though once the case is closed I hope they're skewered and excluded from government work on all levels, the government cannot work with convicted fraudsters.

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Protection racket.

god or lucifer

take your pick

Goldman Sachs boss: 'bankers do God's work'

Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman and chief executive, of Goldman Sachs, has claimed that bankers do "God's work".

By Chris Irvine

Published: 12:51PM GMT 08 Nov 2009


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