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Who Do Mum's And Dad's Fancy


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Alan Rickman

Sean Bean


Jenny Agutter

Joanna Lumley

Pamela Anderson at the start of Baywatch (Although they all deny it)

Please add to the list.

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My dad always takes a particular interest when a programme featuring Alison Steadman is on.

Edit: is there a listed crime for cruelty to apostrophes?

Ooh er.


And what is wrong with my apostrophes !!

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to brighten up a cold spring morning . . .


Oh yes !! Although I don't think she is exclusively for the dads. Tasty.

I'd imagine Mum's and Dad's fancy the same sort of people non-Mum's and non-Dad's fancy.

Jesus, how old are you ccc? 12?

Ok I should have made it clearer - I was talking from my own age group's point of view. So parents who are today in their 50's.

You know - like my Mum fancied Alan Rickman, but my Gran fancied James Stewart ?

Anyway just a bit of fun - cheer up Quorky !!

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I'm as cheery as they come, sonny boy.

Well good to know. Anyway Breakfast Babe is on BBC1 right now if you are interested. Lovely.

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Some interesting themes emerging on this thread . . . . pregnancy, disability . . .

Must have missed the preganancy one. I don't undertsand the relevance of the picture of the woman with the forearm missing.

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