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'china’S April Trade Surplus Shrinks 87% On Imports ' Yoy

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In the next 10 years, China won't be selling much of anything to the US or Europe. And yet they will still have to buy oil for an economy that is only 30% as efficient as the UK or only 50% as efficient as Europe. Trade deficits all the way I reckon, while we'll be in surplus once VAT gets to 20% and the pound reaches its final bottom.

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China is now Mercedes biggest market for the 'S' class.

Not sure why Germany is grumbling about the plummeting Euro. China have screwed up by pegging to the USD it seems.


As Jim O'Niel put it - Germany and France now have a way of bringing the Euro down - just keep mentioning the debt crisis in the PIIGS and making as big a song and dance about it as you can. Dollar parity will be achieved and "growth" will occur as a result.

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