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Debt For You And Me


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Just pondering.

"We've" ran up huge debts, and now mostly treading water to repay or keep afloat thanks to the low interest rates. This wondrous government have saved us all by keeping us all mostly solvent. Hence the low repossession rate.

But, what is the next chapter of this saga? The government has kept the nation going by taking on huge debts and running up huge deficits. The new administraion are set to reduce it, or rather, shift it to YOU. That debt and deficit will shift to the public from government balance sheets. The public naturally will not cope and will have to take on more personal debt to keep up with tax rises or go bankrupt. This is a stage of the wealth transfer we have not seen yet.

They get us all in debt, then remove the ability to repay and service existing personal debt. The ultimate stage will be asset seizure. This will wipe out the middle class. What a scam!

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