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It Begins!.........to Let Signs Becoming For Sale!

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Spent a lot of time over the last month with my Mum & dad, both in their 80's................not very busy right now & not totally delighted that they were broken into in the middle of the night & dad's very "Expensive" Skoda ( 8 year old one) was taken along with a lap top i got him for Xmas.

"Delighted" to discover that New Labour had been housing inn-city scum with in half a mile of them. They got nicked & the BTL they were in was placed back on the market.....for MORE Scum to move in @ our expense. However today i poped in & found that the "To Let" sign replaced with "For sale"............noticed a few flats had also flipped from To Let to For Sale................I think its begun.


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spot on, it still amazes me in the UK that renters even get the vote, if theyre not astute enough and too vulgar to participate in homeownership they are not to be trusted with the vote.

Some of them are astute enough to get houseowners and even other renters to pay their rent via housing benefit. THey sound pretty smart to me! :angry:

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