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Hi there

i wanted some advice , i am thinking of buying a new house, budget is around 250,000. I currently own a midterraced house valued around 100,000, no mortgage and also another mid terraced house worth around 90,000, ive rented it out and receive around 350 per month, again no mortgage.

I am thinking of selling both houses and get a mortgage for around 50,000 to buy the new house, but i am undecided, whether i should sell my second rented home or leave it as it is and get a mortgage of 150,000 instead.. any advice would be great?


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advice? have you ever considered latin dancing - great for your hips, and middle-aged women love it.

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Impossible to "advise"without knowing your circumstances, objectives, dependancies etc.

Maybe you should think of a few ideas, and then post something more specific?

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personnally I'd sell both houses to keep the new mortgage to a minimum. Interest rates are predicted to rise as early as June (barclays capital)

But like one of the other posters says it really depends on your circumstances.

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