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Can someone explain in simple dummies imagine you are talking to a 5 year old what is going on here please in this graph?

Is this Futures for Monday or what?

if you know someone who can provide me on a regular basis with the next trading days price action id be much obliged!

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I was talking about the ruddy Futures market - you know, the Futures market! Doh!

unfortunately the futures market doesnt give you the next days (mondays) price action, they just give you the opportunity to buy or sell a contract at a forward future date, its impossible to know what the futures for monday will look like until Monday which is a bit of a bummer

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Wake me up when Euro gets back to its 2002 value of 0.875

Exactly what I keep thinking, only a few years ago a euro was under $0.85. Althought the eurozone and the US are big trading partners, as continent-wide economic blocs the vast majority of their trade is internal. Time to get some perspective!

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  • 441 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

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