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Where Do You Get Those T-Shirts From


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...that say "Con Dem Nation" ?



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Condemnation or condemned may refer to:

1. A strongly-worded rebuke, such as condemning violations of human rights

2. Damnation, the antithesis of salvation

In other contexts, it may also refer to:


The Condemnations of 1210-1277, a series of condemnations or restrictions on certain medieval teachings at the University of Paris


1. In property law, condemnation is the process by which a public entity exercises its powers of eminent domain

2. The revocation of an occupancy permit, or an order for demolition of a building

3. Sometimes used in reference to a guilty verdict, particularly when the sentence issued is to be capital punishment

Bit scary - there's a film called "condemned" that was released in 1929:


Condemned (film)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Condemned is a 1929 American black and white melodrama film. It stars Ronald Colman, Ann Harding, Dudley Digges, Louis Wolheim, William Elmer, and Wilhelm von Brincken. The movie was adapted by Sidney Howard from the novel by Blair Niles. It was directed by Wesley Ruggles. The tagline was "A kiss that cannot be forgotten!"

The film is known by a variety of other names, including: Condenado in Portugal and Spain, Condemned to Devil's Island in the USA reissue, Condenado a Isla del Diablo in Argentina, Flucht von der Teufelsinsel in Austria, L'isola del diavolo in Italy, and Prisoners (the US working title)

In 1930, the film was nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Ronald Colman's collective work on this film and Bulldog Drummond.

This is first of eight films which was worked on by both Samuel Goldwyn and Sidney Howard. The last was Raffles (1940).

Where's Erranta when you need him?

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Here on the stand
With the book in my hand
And truth on my side

Hand me my sentence
I'll show no repentance
I'll suffer with pride

If for honesty
You want apologies
I don't sympathize
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

Because my duty
Was always to beauty
And that was my crime

Feel elation
To know I can trust this
Fix of injustice
Time after time

If you see purity
As immaturity
Well it's no surprise
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes
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Still not as bad as Scunnered's common porpoise.

I've got to say.... even though it took it actually being EXPLAINED for me to get it.... I thought that was rather good.



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I used to buy a lot of clothes from Howies until they sold out Timberland....In essence they became part of everything they stood against but they still maintain this we are against the man, save the planet etc advertising image..Hypocrites

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