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The Big Money

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I'm a huge Rush fan and thought the lyrics to The Big Money are

actually quite apt generally. Mostly metaphors but quite telling.

Big money goes around the world

Big money underground

Big money got a mighty voice

Big money make no sound

Big money pull a million strings

Big money hold the prize

Big money weave a mighty web

Big money draw the flies

Sometimes pushing people around

Sometimes pulling out the rug

Sometimes pushing all the buttons

Sometimes pulling out the plug

It’s the power and the glory

It’s a war in paradise

It’s a cinderella story

On a tumble of the dice

Big money goes around the world

Big money take a cruise

Big money leave a mighty wake

Big money leave a bruise

Big money make a million dreams

Big money spin big deals

Big money make a mighty head

Big money spin big wheels

Sometimes building ivory towers

Sometimes knocking castles down

Sometimes building you a stairway --

Lock you underground

It’s that old-time religion

It’s the kingdom they would rule

It’s the fool on television

Getting paid to play the fool

Big money goes around the world

Big money give and take

Big money done a power of good

Big money make mistakes

Big money got a heavy hand

Big money take control

Big money got a mean streak

Big money got no soul...

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