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I've got my Canadian PR visa, a Kiwi wife...I have interviews in Montreal in 3 weeks time...I'm hoping I won't be that far behind you. I think that a progressive party should actually be campaigning to restrict the votes to people who are capable of understanding the issues...most people in this country are fu(kwits and they get what they deserve...I'm not sure where I'm going people are much brighter, but at least they're not so aggressive, house prices are reasonable, there isn't overcrowding and you're going to get a decent summer (I actually like cold crisp snowy weather, so I'm looking forward to the winters too...maybe not the week or two it's -20 though)

Welcome to Canada. I guess you must be off to Point Pele or Vancouver then to get your -20 for a couple of weeks. I have a daughter who was doing snow angels last week in Calgary. Frost last night here in southern Ontario. Oh! you meant a couple of months and your -20 was optimistic? Got it. If you wind up anywhere north of the 401 figure a few nights at -40 and don't ask if that is F or C 'cos nobody cares. Our fu(kwits walk around Wal-Mart in their pyjamas, are two axe handles across and don't shave much. As for the men they prefer trucks to women (don't blame 'em) and have a special relationship with their huntn dawgs and hang out at the peelers. For Quebec add French and cigarettes and no smoking bans at all.

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First question

You accidentally drop your keys down a drain.

Did you lose them?


Did you loose them?

Answer: It was the council's fault for putting the drain there in the first place and they should come out and get them for me and then run me home afterward.

(Who says I can't get the hang of the "entitlement"/"blame culture" zeitgeist?)

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Just got my contract for a new job in Singapore delivered.

I came back to the UK about 10 months ago with a decent amount of savings which I was planning to use to buy a house and settle down with.

Having been back I have realized how much I hate the UK. The way that the economic crisis and now the political crisis has been handled has particularly demonstrated that to me.

It is impossible to work hard and provide yourself with a decent standard of living in this country so feck it I'm out of here.

Thanks a lot everyone for your views and opinions and good luck for what is coming. Most of you are smart enough to do well out of whatever happens.

+1 Switzerland (week 5)

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