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Yesterdays Stockmarket Plunge


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I'm curious to learn if anyone else here, who is a regular/active market 'trader', has had any issues with regards yesterdays brief spike down - whether actual shares held (on margin), spreadbetters, etc.

Has anyone experienced any 'disparity' regarding lowest level attained (whether the FTSE, the US markets, etc)? Was anyone stopped out of long positions at one level but then finding that short sell positions deliberately closed at those same levels (or thereabouts) were subsequently not honoured, i.e a subsequent correction to low print was made.

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Got a small story about this quick blip, I thought the FTSE might come under pressure that evening of the election and opened up a £1 per pip FTSE sell on trade fair when I got home from work, as it started plunging I opened up a further 4 x £1 sells (helped by a glass of wine) for a total of £5 per pence movement sell on the FTSE (stop loss set at £20ish for each - no limit order didn't have time). My account valuation went from £100 to £300, £500... £900... £1200 to £2300! in a matter of minutes as the FTSE dipped to 4600 or whatever it went to. Unfortunately I wan't fast enough to try and close the trade at that lowest level otherwise I might be able to to find out if a close was possible, my gut instinct at the time was that if I had tried it'd have given some 'can't place order' message as severe dip at the end only took 3-4 seconds to bounce back. I manage to cash in at £1200 profit.

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