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It's The Doves On A Wing And A Prayer

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I'm a little confused (well, hungover, tired and can't be bothered to concentrate) - as a 'dove' is the author saying things are going to get better or get seriously worse? I lost the plot at the end on what the 'hawks' and 'doves' thought. If, as a dove, he thinks we're in for serious downturn I would conclude the article is a realistic change from most of the crap we've been getting recently. Although it means bad news (expect on the house price front), it's better we know the truth.

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Not read the article but a dove wants a cut interest rates a hawk wants a rise.

a dove could want a cut because the economy is fux0rd and a hawk could want a rise because inflation will fux the economy.

On the same note a dove could want a cut becauase our mate gordon tells them too, and a hawk could want a rise because he knows what happens if we go back down to 3.5 silly rate or if the economy grows to fast and that I word comes back.

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