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Gilt yields are dropping becasuse dumb money investors are swallowing the' we're heading for deflation' line from the BoE and the smart money investors know that the BoE will backstop, thru QE. the bond price. make sense?

The alternate view is that we are heading into deflation (se AMP in the Telegrph)


More QE please buy more gilts lower yields further! Most ,especially money week , say dont touch gilts. Just tink how high gilts could go when everyone thinks you should buy them, just like with gold.

The central banks will always be behind the curve never enough QE to cause inflation.

Remeber these people in charge are idiots, if there were smart we would not be in this mess.

Gold has been a great ride I have been in now I am out. Good luck it could go either way

I am one of thase dumb money investors, very glad to.

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