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Charlie Don't Surf

Things That Masquerade As Houses!

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I'm sure we've all seen them. A few years back they were sheds or some kind of backstreet depot. Now they have been scrubbed up, had a balcony fitted, shutters and some hanging baskets and voila! it's an attractive mews studio or something to that effect.

It kind of makes me laugh to think people are signing themselves to a mortgage for life and what they're getting isn't even a house - it's refurbished shed.

I guess it's good in one respect that it helps clean up some of the dead end stinky back lanes but who'd buy one?!

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... and also, things that masquerade as extensions, be they ghastly lean-toos or halls upon halls.

There was that beautiful article about some OO in london who'd dug out her basement, like everybody in the street, only to find she needed a bilge pump to keep the water level below the carpet when it rains! Clearly nobody bothered to tell her her basement would be below the water table. Then again, with Thames water leaking the equivalent of a pool, 1km x 1km x 1m deep each day (source Mecahnical Engineering), what does the water table have to do with it!!

Let's hope she doesn't have a power-cut and rain (surely a freak occurence not worth considering :P ). Imagine, her £100k extension dependent on a £50 bilge pump.

Yes indeed, here extension was in fact an indoor, wall to wall swimming pool and she didn't even know it, until it nearly drowned one of her children in his sleep! :D

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I did a rebuild in Montpelier walk Knightsbridge some years back and was suprised to find that when I stripped the ceilings there were vaulted Brick floors underneath. On the ground floor were black chocolate cube brick paviours that had been covered in Screed and within the wall was hidden a feeding trough.

I then realised that Montelier walk is actually the stables for the real houses attatched to the rear.

200k to buy in 1993, I suspect a 4 bed conversion is worth slightly more than that today.

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