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Economic News Vs House Price News

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I have just returned to this forum, after religiously scouring through it. And it's interesting to see that it has changed slightly in the news that is being reported and the topic of discussion. Attention has turned to the economy, although it is always the under-running theme when talking about house prices, now it seems to be at the fore-front, with house prices in the background. This is probably a good sign, as the forecasts were the economic down turn, then house prices following shortly. If you look at this forum on a quarterly snapshot, i think it shows that we were right, the economy is hitting hard times, and then the house prices will follow shortly.

Just an observation it hought i'd mention. I am experiencing the market in Surrey to very stagnent, vendors not shifting on price... unfortunately i think a lot of these properties for first-time buyers are second homes, and subsidised inpart by equity in their main homes, hence i feel they're going to remain stagnent till the very very last minute, and then, only a few will drop. Although i'd prefer the crash sceanario, what is actually panning out is this feeling of stagnation.

Anyone agree ?

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It has taken a while for psychology to shift as there are many players in this property bubble.

The market however will wait for no-one and significant price falls are imminent and unavoidable.

Worry not. The crash is well underway.

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Guest absolutezero

There's only so many times people can say "house prices will go down" before it starts to get repetitive.

Now it is established that prices are indeed going down people are looking at the wider picture.

The next stage will be discussion about how to take advantage of the coming recession (or depression?).

Whoops! Already started that...

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