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Gerald Celente

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Just wondering what you guys think of his predictions. He is a big promotor of buying gold. He thinks there will be a major currency crash within the next year.


to miss quote sky new today

if there is a hung parliment - GBP crashes in may

if there is a clear winner - GBP crashes in august

goes the same for any other government trying to issue bonds at low interest rates, when inflation is rocketting

(if inflation is 4.4% then you'd expect interest rates to be 6.4% or so)

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Celente has been running his world trends prediction service since 1980 so he has form. He is a gold bull like quite a few others such as Schiff, Chapman, Malone, Ron Paul, Turk, Faber and Keiser. There is even serious talk of $15,000 gold. There are quite a lot of independently minded gold bulls - but it is not an absolute certainty and it may be a very bumpy road.

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We've already had a crash in currency over ten years.

I'm not bothered about 1000 to 1 "events" that move prices 10% in one day.

As far as I am concerned, currency has already crashed against, land, metals, energy, food, taxes, etc.

How long does it take to get people to wake up? In Zimbabwe they were still clutching onto their worthless notes in the last stages of hyperinflation.

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