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Dear all,

I hope you'll forgive me using this forum to do this. I'm working on a four part series for BBC Radio 4 with the personal finance expert Alvin Hall called 'Generations of Money'. For each programme, we're going to look at a different generation or age group to explore the different financial pressures they're under at the moment. We'll also be looking at how different generations are linked to each other financially and how wealth is divided between different age groups.

We're looking for people who are interested in taking part in the programme, meeting Alvin and telling him about their personal finances for him to offer any advice. I'm particularly keen to talk to couples who may have been dependent on their parents to buy homes, who are now regretting having bought at the wrong time. We're really looking for people who would benefit from advice rather than those who are doing well or just want to air their views.

If you're interested, please send an email to phillip.kemp@bbc.co.uk or call 0208 752 7281 to find out more.

Thank you

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I just want views aired to be honest but I think the majority of under 30s would have the same views as me anyway. Hopefully some people from here will get involved. although most here are quite financially and economically knowledgeable so probably wouldn't need advice. Sounds like an interesting programme.

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You may be better off putting an un-pinned version 'cos I've scrolled past this a few times

Personally I like Alvin and I think the time is right for his return

He has done some very good programmes on Radio 4. His piece on executive pay was superb and for my money (hoho) really got to the bottom of what has been going on.

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Thanks for the request. It sounds like a good program, and it's good to be asked for views finally.

But to be frank. The BBC has caused so much heartache over the last 15 years for many on this site, with it's property porn TV shows ramping house prices up, and it's total failure to understand let alone hold the banks and government to account for the insane credit expansion that drove up house prices (NOT SHORTAGE OF SUPPLY!!). A fact known on this site for many years. That I'm afraid many are very angry at the BBC. To the point of seeing it as a dead and heartless institution sadly. You betrayed us.

I feel sorry for the Radio side of the BBC, because I remember they at least tried, occasionally. But it was too little too late.

Moreover the BBC are still saying house prices going up is good! No one has learnt that it's destroying our economy.

I tend to think a whole generation hates the BBC now. I doubt it's only the financial system, present government and our entire parliamentary system that will undergo massive change. The BBC breached the public trust, and will be cut down dramatically.

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Hey phil,

Sounds like a great project.

I wish I could help but I'm not sure I'm telegenic.

Oh by the way, I'm putting together a fifteen minute short about the supine incompetence and and low intensity indolence that we all so love about the BBC. How about you pm me and we could fix a time to do latte, yah?

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Most on here are prudent and therefore unrepresentative. You will be needing one of who we call 'the sheeple'. I think the sheeple go on MSN to bewail or boast about their property endeavours. Is it MSN?

Good luck with the project. It will be good to hear Alvin back. He has done some good work on Radio 4.

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I can understand some people's skepticism, but am frankly surprised that nobody has jumped at the opportunity. Everybody is just content to moan. No wonder we're called whinging Poms. What a shame. If I was the right demographic, and locally based, I'd be scrambling at any opportunity to voice an opinion that will shed some light on this sorry state of affaires. There are two proactive Facebook pages that hopefully will show a little more gumption, so I'm going to post this link on them both. In the mean time, here are links to both those pages.



If you read it again..They don't want someone to voice a opinion...they want someone who needs advice..

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