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Given Up Politics

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Being an ex-political animal after realising I had spent most of my life ranting and raging, getting upset and stressed at hopelessly trying to reason with others of a closed mind, and concluding this would be a lifetimes work of futility.

As I approach the stage of life from being a hopeful to an old coot and having lived through eight administration of government both Labour and Conservative I have yet to find any of them proficient enough to represent the people Britain. They have never in my opinion risen to the expectations of the people who vote for them. They seem to turn out to be nothing more than damage limitation managers of one crisis to the next at best.

At present we have an unsustainable highly geared economy in which the only solution to me is at sometime, somebody will have to crash it, as did Thatcher in 1979 when the economy was getting out of hand from trade union pressure for increased pay to fight inflation ad infinitum. The pricking of he bubble will no doubt mean, higher interest rates and high levels unemployment and recession and another seven years of lean.

With a global economy I wonder whether Britain will enjoy the lions share of the world’s wealth ever again, not that I think that this is necessarily a bad thing, but what the impact of this could have on a culture that has known nothing else.

Not being a scholar, I’m just a person who knows bit’s of things I would be interested to hear your comments or could reassure me that I am being pessimistic for the years ahead.

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