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Edwardian Summer

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Something in today's guardian nobody else seems to have mentioned today:

Welcome to the second age of globalisation

I especially liked this paragraph:

Here in the UK, the government boasts proudly about its stewardship of the economy, when all the evidence is that activity collapses like a punctured souffle as soon as action is taken to restrain property speculation. Britain's manufacturing sector is a hollowed-out shell, claimant-count unemployment has risen for six months in a row, the Bank of England is at war with itself over whether interest rates should be cut, and the only person who believes there is not a gaping black hole in the public finances is the chancellor of the exchequer, of whom very little has been seen or heard since the election.


(Sorry someone did beat me to it...)

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Yeah, ripping the p!ss outta Gordenron.

It is all a bit apocalyptic.. but then who knows? We may very well have just exited the 'golden age' of western prosperity, when technological differentials allowed a small minority to economically enslave the majority...

On the other hand, rather than starve, one would assume those crafty westerners will come up with something that still allows em to suck on the efforts of the rest of the world...

Bit like being parasite 'landlords', but on a global scale...

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