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Larry Elliott [the Guardian]

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I've got a feeling that this oil price rise is going to start freaking people out...Only .when it's too late.

I remember last year when we hot the $50 per barrell mark. There was abit of a scare, but it all calmed down, because it wasn't necessarily ALL that significant.

I also remember listening to some expert on radio, that when oil hit's the $60 mark, there won't be as big of a deal, because $50 is more of a rounded number than $60.

Now it's at $66?, this is now a 30%+ increase from the $50 mark.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if we see the $100 mark in the next year or so... That's the point when people will start panicking.

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Here in the UK, the government boasts proudly about its stewardship of the economy, when all the evidence is that activity collapses like a punctured souffle as soon as action is taken to restrain property speculation. Britain's manufacturing sector is a hollowed-out shell, claimant-count unemployment has risen for six months in a row, the Bank of England is at war with itself over whether interest rates should be cut, and the only person who believes there is not a gaping black hole in the public finances is the chancellor of the exchequer, of whom very little has been seen or heard since the election.

Blimey, that sounds familiar -- is Larry Ellioy an HPC reader?

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