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British Coins To Be Changed ......

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Pure noise - if anything quite the oposite.

They have chosen only to change the design - not the size

or wieght of the coins - thus avoiding the overhead of recalibrating

all the vending and money counting machines.

Had they announced entirely new coinage, then I mgiht agree.


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whats the point????

Its a complete waste of time and money to no advantage what so ever!

No one gives a crap what their money looks like as long as they can spend it!

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"The Royal Mint invites suggestions and designs from any

interested parties for the forthcoming change of the following

denonimations :- 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins.

Designs must be accompanied by five times scale drawings

for both frontice and rear and should include edging as

appropriate to the denomination.

Designs must be sensitive to current life and society within

the United Kingdom, this precluding any reference to what

may be interpreted as "traditional", "British", "colonial",

"monarchic", "commonwealth" or "class-orientated".

Ethnic and cultural symbols may be used but must not

be used in a way which might be interpreted as patronising

or which could lead anyone to suppose that anyone else

needed any help.

The disabled, gays, lesbians, asylum seekers and travellers

may be featured but must not be identified as being part,

or as not being part of what used to be called Britain.

No symbol or icon may be used in a way which places any

person in a superior relationship to any another person.

A full list of prohibited symbols, designs and icons is available

and can be downloaded (15 Gb download) on :-


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id like to see some more truthfull designs on the new coins.

like coin minted statements such as....

'Du mon NO DENTISTS troit'

wrapped around a toothless bodecia.

'Overallias NO HOUSES et deus'

etched on the sleeping bag of a street lving lord kitchener

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