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Kidderminster And Bewdley

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I've noticed some very nice properties in the Kid/ Bewdley areas and although expensive , you do appear to get far more for your money than you do in south and west Wales. But apart from some time spent in Droitwich many years ago , it's not an area I know well at all.

Can someone enlighten me please. Are there any exclusive areas ? Are there any areas to stay away from? I assume that most commute to B'ham daily; how long would that take on a good morning by car?

What's Bewdley like as a town? Chav factor? Friendly folk factor?

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I spent a couple of years doing IT work and living out of hotels in that area.

My impression was that Bewdley was 'nicer' than Kidderminster, and I would prefer to live in Bewdley rather than Kidderminster. Kidderminster has some rough areas that are best avoided. I saw a lot more chavs in Kidderminster than in Bewdley. The bits of Bewdley next to the Severn are picturesque, but prone to flooding.

Transport-wise Kidderminster has a train station, and Bewdley doesn't.

I found the people in both towns quite friendly, but you're more likely to get the wheels from your car stolen in Kidderminster.

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