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I agree with alfie. I assume that was you debating on the daily mail website.

I think a web based campaign would be more effective especially if we all do a little bit each. It will make us appear much larger in numbers than a couple of hundred at a protest somewhere. We could use social networking sites to create campaign groups. I suggested creating a facebook page this morning in a new thread but don't think the mods have put it on yet.

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The only change I'd like is to the rental market to make it more like the European model of long-term leases. That way far fewer renters would even want to buy a house and half the problems we currently have would go away.

This can't be overestimated.

Regarding a protest, it's a tricky one as, of all the things worth protesting about, and considering we all have roofs over our heads, it won't get much support, despite the destructive effects on our lives.

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Why don't we just give it a try. When the next Halifax and Nationwide stats come out (bound to be reported in the national and local press), whether the MoM figure is negative or positive, as many as us as possible contribute to Newspaper website property related articles readers comments and help raise awareness that there is, in effect, a Buyers Strike, going on in the UK property market and that this can be illustrated by Land Registry data stats about the number of properties sold each year (e.g. from 2006 till 2009) in any locality you want to post stats about?

People could use the home.co.uk website to prepare the stats for their particular locality to post on their local newspaper website, as well as contributing to readers comments on national newspaper websites.

It really takes no more time and effort (other than 10 to 15 mins collating the stats for a particular locality) than posting comments here on HPC. If you don't want to spend the time collating the stats you can still add readers comments about the Buyers Strike. .... or if you want use my Worcester example to illustrate the existence of the Buyers Strike.

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I'm trying to find out how much support we would get if I went ahead and actually tried to organize some sort of protest against "the unfair and misguided government support for the high housing costs Ponzi pyramid scheme" (quote from tired of waiting).

If some sort of march or protest was organized, would you turn up?

What form would you suggest that it takes?

haha. no. im not even going to waste 30 mins of time posting some fµckwit tick on an election box. not now ive realised we are prisoners to events. we are along for the ride.

this illusion of democracy is an illusion. the bbc confirmed it for me.

anyone dying for this country has just been fooled more than me.

and 911 was a sham.

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Just looked at the Worcester stats again in light of the Buyers Strike:

2006 - 2690 properties sold

2007 - 2179 sold

2008 - 1180

2009 - 811 sold by end of October so heading towards about 973 for the complete year.

So, compared to 2006, 2009 witnessed a 64% collapse in property sales or if you like 64% of the buying population withdrew from the market to take part in a Buyers Strike.

Looking at Rightmove there are 28 Estate Agent outlets in Worcester involved in the sale of properties. This means that in 2009 the 28 Worcester Estate Agent outlets, on average, sold 34.75 properties throughout the year which is an average of 0.7 of a property per week - and this was during the year of the 'recovery'!!!!!!!

How on earth are they surviving on 0.7 of a property sale per week????? They must have their staff cut down to the absolute minimum and on the minimum wage. My understanding is that Estate Agents are paid a tiny salary and are supposed to make their real income from the slice they get from each completed sale they push through as individuals. How were they dividing 0.7 of a sale per week????

You can a similar story in just about any place you choose to look at via the Land Registry data for completed sales.

We really should be pushing 'awareness raising' of all this, and the Buyers Strike, to the public at large via readers comments on newspaper websites, etc. This is the sort of thing that can really impact on sentiment. You should see the reactions I get when I post this sort of material on local and national newspaper websites.

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I've been backing you up on serveral of those. I quite enjoy getting into a debate with people who don't think like us. Especially when all the evidence is overwhelmingly in our favour. I'll right to a couple of newspapers too I think for the tecnology averse

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I've been backing you up on serveral of those. I quite enjoy getting into a debate with people who don't think like us. Especially when all the evidence is overwhelmingly in our favour. I'll right to a couple of newspapers too I think for the tecnology averse

Great. It really wouldn't take many of us to reach large numbers of people.

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Yer - bit disappointed. With all of the frustration and anger expressed on here I though people would be more up for it. (...)

"Ben", everybody agrees that affordable housing is a public good. OK. And that if the government keeps supporting the market, prices will take longer to fall. OK. That without forced sales the correction will take much longer. Yes.

But the government is coating its support with a very emotional, politically very strong narrative: support for "hard working families", to "keep their family homes", a "roof over their heads"...

We can't be seen as against all that, heartless, cruel, etc.

One option may be to attack BTLs. Particularly their tax-break - mortgage interests are tax-deductible for them. Remove that, and we may have loads of forced sales, but from "evil landlords", instead of "hard-working families".


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