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Front Page Of Gloucester's Citizen Newspaper

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This basically says house sales are down 38%, then the Estate Agent tries to put a positive spin on it!

This is our main local daily - everyone in the locality will see this front page today :)

Just thought you'd be interested


(Still asking for £345K for the 2 bed docks flats though!! :o )

ETA From the same paper - more on the volumes of numbers going to the CAB with debts of over £15K which have nearly quadrupled! http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/dis...entPK=13004670)

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Copy of email to the Editor, The Citizen 15th August 2005

I was pleased to see such accurate

reporting of the enormous drop in house sales.

However, I was aghast to see that an Estate Agent has put a positive "spin" on the news, effectively enticing first time buyers into a falling market and possibly into negative equity.

Surely fair journalism would have put the opposite viewpoint as well ? - namely that it is one of the worst possible times to buy a house .

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Guest Bart of Darkness

Interestingly the article says there has been a 45% drop while the cover says 38%. :blink:

Gloucester resident Adrian Simpson has been looking to buy a property for three months.

"It's looking like it's a great time to pounce," he said. "The ball is in our court as buyers and I feel that something really good will come up.

"A year ago things were looking really bad for first-time buyers but now prices have levelled out - they're not shooting up but they're not really falling too much either," he added.

"but they're not really falling too much either"

This strikes me as an odd thing for a would be buyer to say just after saying "the ball is in our court", the way he phrases it, he makes it sound like a good thing, a bonus for buyers.

There isn't an Estate agent in Gloucester called Simpsons is there?

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My house has been on sale in Gloucestershire for awhile - its a 2-bed end terraced Victorian property - well presented throughout with lots of period features.

Have generated a lot of viewings in the last three months but only one low offer that fell through straight away.

Times are hard for sellers - have reduced it by 10K or 8%.

Incidently its the most aggresivley priced house in the area - think people are just watching and watching.

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I have no evidence to support this theory but I reckon that this is what has kept prices high.

If your house costs more than the national average then you are not a first time buyer and so have a bit of spare cash.

As volume sales are reduced and only greater value properties are shifting this will make the average higher making the overall picture a lot rosier m'lud. (Rosie Millard)

But estate agents don't live on averages but on volumes, little bits of lots of pies, thats why they're shutting up shop, soon the main properties in the window will be commercial lets for their own closed branches!

Like an old pencil I seem to have lost my point and a mathematician is chewing me...

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