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Hey guys

We get alot of data, reports, and opinions here on HPC. I love reading them and trying to gauge the feel of the market. What i'd like to start a thread on is something a little different... an outlook for where we all work. 90% of us here on HPC must have jobs, and what im interested in is how is the sentiment of your employers, workmates. is business roaring? plans for expansion/downsizing, hows trading... each individual story will be interesting in its own way and may offer a generalized leading indicator for business sentiment... ill start

i work as a valuer for a multi-layered property agency. we do commercial and residential valuations, management, and sales. in the last 3 months ive had to start writing down residential deals... these writedowns havent been significant (5 to 10%) but nevertheless transactions are also down considerably, and the pressure on colleagues and i to 'play the game' for the lenders, the agents, the buyers, the sellers, is hotting up. Due to tightened lending rules, theres a real pressure on us in the residental market to magically come up with certain figures so buyers can be financed. As for commercial, the current market is hot. There was a quiet patch over a month or 2 but yields have been compressing (Grade A office buildings in the CBD have come from mid 9's to low 7's) and landlors arent offering any tenant incentives anymore... What ive noticed, and its been brought up in conversations with the salesman, theres a massive amount of 'old' 'smart' money thats looking to park itself somewhere, and commercial real estate, while historically risky, does not pose the current risk levels that residential offers. The agency where i work has put off 1 residential valuer, and hired 2 young salesman to work commercial leasing/sales.... I think the outlook for the sector is abit bearish, as history has shown us commercial sentiment is lagging from residential. Anyway, thats my 2 bits..

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I run a web design company which specialises in bespoke eCommerce websites.

In terms of our own Business I have not noticed any change in the amount of work we're taking on, actually, it has grown so much over the last year that I now need to take on a new team member.

However the story for our Merchants is a little different and several are seeing sales figures below expectations (I can't provide specifics or industries since it would then be possible to determine the retailers from our case studies).

There is also a mild but growing sense of "stress" from/with some of our Clients (e.g. everything is always desperately urgent) - that's normal for the UK to some extent where everything is always urgent but it is more prevalent now.

Meanwhile a colleague has been made redundant from a refinishing/graphics company in West London and a self-employed colleague in IT Support has noticed a slight decline in the level of business over the last few months in particular though not a significant one.

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I work in healthcare, in both the public and private sectors. Funnily enough it is the public sector that is suffering at the moment. The local PCT is nearly 10m in the red this year and has put a freeze on all new vacancies. In my opinion we're operating a sellotaped together, curling at the edges service with staff shortages and overwhelming demand from the public.

However, I would say that I do believe there is still a degree of wastage in the NHS with inappropriate staffing and unnecessary bureaucracy being top of the list.

Overall, in my area, I would say the squeeze on public sector jobs is well underway.

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I work in healthcare as well. I've notice recently that the big private comapnies are reporting record profits, but not certain that this is from increased demand or prices.

From my position I've seen two / three years of aggressive cost cutting, offshoring and job reductions.

The squeeze has been on for some time. Like many others I've been keeping my head down and hoping that I can ride out the storm. Can't see it changing any time soon.

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I'm a factory automation consultant.

I'm extremely busy at the moment at there are a lot of companies looking for faster and cheaper ways of doing things(with less people),so as far as I can see,there's a lot of security here.

not everything is getting outsourced to china,and I'm pretty confident in UK's ability to get more productive.As long as we get a standard "crash" in houses and not an outright slump then people will still consume stuff.

funnily though,the project I'm working on at the moment is mostly electronics that's EXPORTED from here!

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I've just had a load of stuff in the post offering me the opportunity to invest in commercial property - the 'New UK Property Boom' and residential property in Spain.

This was the same company that almost got me to invest in the Asian Tiger just before it all went wrong.


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