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Time to raise the rents.

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You raise a point there in the links, Mr Time To Raise The Rants (hope you dont mind me calling you that, just a little jibe :D )

"Rising House prices Mean a Drop in Birth rates"

As it is in the UK (if things "plateau" :rolleyes: )

Could it be that, higher house prices mean families aren't, err, able to afford to have a proper family?, as they cant afford to have children? (all the cash is going on mortgages) Population Boom My left leg!

So what's the alternative to that? a rise in Chav-culture through rampant breeding supported by Benefits :ph34r: & mass imigration

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A drop in birth rates should worry you TTRTR as who is going to rent your properties if no-one is creating the next generation? Strategic move, only buy property worthy of DSS as this is the only way out, think of it, the younger generation will consist of chav spongers and immigrants. PS I don't charge much for this prediction, you can buy me a pint if I ever meet you!

OOps, sorry AFAHBM, I echoed your post, must stop skim reading, its rude.

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Look at the newfeeds and cheack out the number of primary school closure/amalgamations - the property bubble is is eating its own tail (O this is a long term effect, but still I donlt think there is anybody that could argue the point that high housing costs are crippling the younger generation and lowering th birth rate). We are magnifying the demographic problems

Moreover, increase immigration and you will change the look and feel of the country and I suggest that this will only lead to increased levels of emmigration and retirement abroad as the mental bonds that people perceive their own country to be are broken.

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