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You might be interested in this.

A couple of months ago I heard rumours that the Iraqis in Fallujah were getting killed if they didn't submit themselves to having ID Cards, so I sent this e-mail to my MP, Karen Buck:-

Dear Karen


I have read and heard reports (from December last year onwards) of the use of ID cards in Iraq. These reports stated that the US military forces in Fallujah are forcing the Iraqis to be fingerprinted, retina scanned and given ID cards. The US marines have been authorised to kill residents not complying with these instructions.

As a concerned constituent, and resident of a country allied with the USA, would you please update me with the latest situation.


Well, just had this response, which is VERY interesting reading...

Dear ...

Further to my previous letter, I have now received the attached response from the Foreign Office; the contents of which I hope you will find are self-explanatory.

If there is anything else that you wish me to follow up, then please make sure that you let me know.

Karen Buck

Dear Karen

Thank you for your letter of 7 July to the Foreign Secretary on behalf of your constituent ..., about the alleged forced use of ID cards by US forces in Iraq, particularly around Fallujah. I am replying as Duty Minister in the absence of Kim Howells, Minister responsible for our relations with Iraq.

We have raised this allegation with the US authorities in Baghdad who have assured us that they do not force Iraqis to be fingerprinted, retina scanned and provided with ID cards. The only time that they ask for this level of personal detail is when Iraqis visit relatives and friends who are in US detention in Iraq. They do this to confirm the visitor's identity and to ensure that the detention facility is not infiltrated by known terrorists.

There were controls during November last year and in early February this year on movements into and out of Fallujah during periods of military activity against terrorists who had occupied parts of the city. The controls were to prevent terrorists from escaping and to ensure the civilians were, as far as possible, protected from the military action. Identities would have been checked at that time but the US tell us they did not implement a compulsory identity card scheme at that, or any other time.

David Triesman

The Lord Triesman of Tottenham

Would be interested to hear any views on this admission that, yes, they were forcing ID checks on Iraqis... and the repeated use of the word 'terrorists' to describe them.

Who was that maniac that said 'may you live in interesting times'...?? :)

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