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Constantly Logged Out Of Hpc

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I've found that HPC never leaves me logged in when I login through different devices...eg. I'll log in on my laptop one day, and if I log back in ON THE LAPTOP a day/week/whatever later, i am still logged in.

HOWEVER...if i login on my iphone after logging in on my laptop, when I go back another time to the laptop I am logged out. And vice versa with the iPhone

very annoying as I'm forever having to log in and out (oh and when you log in it returns you to the main forum page so you have to find where you were to post...)

Can anyone help?

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Nope I can't help my problem is the opposite. I use Google Chrome and whenever I put my machine on standby or move from one wireless network to another (for example going from work to home) I get logged out. It's bloody annoying. Likewise just normal start up I'm logged out. Same IP address I'm always bloody logged out. I read a thread over like 3 pages I get to the end and then I have to copy the url , go back to the homepage, log in, paste the url, then i can say stuff. Bloody annoying.

The only advantage is no-one knows how long I spend perusing this site I'm always a visitor.

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