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I'm Voting For This Guy

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watched the clip, I only seen him talk about raising muslim representation in the parliament, nothing said about housing.

Did you hear the bit about all MP's will be Muslims in a few years time ?

Was the BNP or Enoch powel to say half this much then it would be prime time news and what do you think about all the tax money he is spending on his ethnic pet projects around the world.

credit to the man he says what he thinks but the states propaganda machine didn't want anyone to know what his dreams were and do remember this is a top goverment minister talking and since zen-labour and the Cons said nothing about it then it's fair to assume they are quite happy to suport the dream for the future of our country.


This post had 51 viewings and one post an hour ago and now it's got 51 views and 4 posts !

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