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Transfering Money To Australia

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I am living in Australia for a year on the goldcoast. Things are much better here than in the UK. Their banks are the most stable in the world they were not involved in subprime like ours. Although property is still rising and more expensive than the UK. Espcially on the Goldcoast because its such a exclusive location.

I was going to transfer 100k over to a savings account here, the exchange is 1.72$ to the £, the uk pound is at an all time low againt the aussie doller. I'm guessing I would be folish to transfer over now incase the £ goes up? If it did I would lose a lot of money. You can get accounts paying 6% interest.

Any advice? Things are still looking bad in the UK. If we went lke Greece the £ would drop like a brick. Although thats a possibility if the Conservatives get in and put a credible plan together to reduce the debt the markets would respond up?

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