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A Token Of Justice

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Relevance to HPC:?:

Notice the picture of the criminal is not appropriate to the criminals position of authority...!

THE message being fed by this is that Authorities are not wrong, criminal, never lie and are trustworthy.

The said criminal was an agent of a banna democracy.

It would have been more appropriate for his picture to have been in uniform. Because people that represent the AUTHORITIES (governments [Gordon Brown]) do lie often and the general economic managment is criminal.

These sentiments are fed to us all the time and feed the sheeple to believe what the authorites are feeding them. Hence bubbles and people not prepared for hiher interest rates, recessions and negative HPI.

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Further to this thread (in my view HPC and the wealth transfer that all asset bubbles result in for the majority is peddleded by a misinforming media bias, evident in the lack of attention given to important conrarian views). In my view media bias is a key componet to the public infatuation when bubbles inflate.

here is another important contrarian view that is another example f the media bias.

Former Government MP Meacher

Says "He is critical of Britain for allegedly colluding in propagating the myth of a global war of terrorism. He asks: "Is collusion in this myth and junior participation in this project really a proper aspiration for British foreign policy?""


And in a video interview with him on 11 August 2005 he relates details that really blow the war on terror apart.

This interview will widen you pecpectives and show you the real criminals - If your ego allows objective critical assement of ideas and institutuions that you may be proud of.

Again after watching question if the mainstream media has given fair attention to all sides of the coin?


enjoy sp1

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