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Very very funny. His contributions to Down the Line are the highlight of the show and he's popped up on various things over the years. I'm glad somebody else has noticed him as most people don't even recognise the name.

He has a few stock characters but he does them so well.

The fundamentalist Christian - there is sin and depravity everywhere, people are mastur-bating themselves in the streets

The eternal trainee accountant (currently a minicab driver) - your vid

The immigrant who is in love with England but knows nothing about it - the country of Shakespeare, who wrote the famous play Juliet Bravo

This week's Down the Line: (available until Wednesday) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qy1y has him as the fundamentalist Christian. The whole show is great but those who just want Felix can find him at 19.38.

There's people going around breaking into houses, stealing peoples shoes, want to have intercourse with them, God will cast them asunder into the fire and brimstone of hell.

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