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On BBC Now: Naked Us

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Couples give up ALL their worldly goods, keeping only what they can fit into a holdall!!!

They sell the house to live in a caravan in France to revive theri love life and get out of a rut!

I think the nakedness is metaphorical, although maybe they are worried about being shot by the security services ( Shot man "wearing clothes", razla )

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The whole program pissed me off , what do they expect.. did she really think that before having 2 kids and being a housewife would be _fun_, bascially i think they done a reckless thing which only just paid off.

She got a job in a "posh" school teaching english , when she has no experience and cant speak french, seems to me it was lucky there was a camera crew to bail them out and get her a job.

Its odd because if they didnt have kids and felt the way they do they wouldnt be together. So they move and be radical leaving everything he? has worked for behind. He loved the house, he liked his job , he liked his life....

I could go on for ages about this and people being together because of familiarity and dependancy but i wont.

It just reminds me of how much i hate people and thier pathetic little lives.

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